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H.G. Wells - The New World Order (1940) and The Open Conspiracy


One of the central texts in explaining the psychopathic drive of elitists to enslave the world in a unified empire. H. G. Wells was an insider with a British group tasked with revival of their once great empire - this time in conjunction with Venetian Black Nobility Khazar bankers (not mentioned this explicitly in the book). Wells evidently grew less sympathetic to their aims as time went on, and published a version of the plans for public consumption in this and other books.

Needless to say, the cabal bent on world domination were displeased with Wells' cavalier candor (perhaps they misjudged him all along), and destroyed nearly all such books.

Fortunately for us, the digital age has allowed the few surviving copies to be distributed once more.

For those who blithely disbelieve that there are political conspiracies which underlie many of the otherwise inexplicable events of the world, this book (perhaps by its very existence) may be the single shortest path to removing all doubt. Included is a companion PDF - The Open Conspiracy - which gives an alternate overview of Wells' book.

Any and all who wish to break free of the bleak ignorance we were so ceremoniously robed with in public schools, ought to download both of these PDFs for the permanent collection.

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